Aims & Objectives

The Entertainment Agents' Association Limited

The professional trade organisation representing agents who operate in the light entertainment industry and closely related areas.

The Association, founded in 1927, is the largest organisation of its kind and exists to promote the interests and protect the welfare of its Member Agents.

Its aims are to induce unity of action; to prevent abuses by all reasonable means; to promote and maintain a friendly, professional and harmonious relationship between fellow Members and with musicians, artists, other performers and all buyers of talent and entertainment services.

The Association provides advice and guidance to Members of the Association relative to any matter affecting their professional character or interests whether directly or indirectly.

It resolves disputes between Members, where necessary setting up arbitrations for that purpose. It is a constituent member of organisations such as the Variety and Light Entertainment Council, where it sits with representatives of performers' unions, theatre managers, circus proprietors, licensed house managers and leisure & amenity managers, to promote industry-wide standards.

The Association originates or supports improvements in the law and resists or opposes alterations adverse to the interests of the Association or its Members.

It updates Members regularly with news of changes in legislation relative both to their own businesses and to those whom our Members represent.

The Association Benevolent Fund continues to be supported, promoted and used, where appropriate, for the benefit of Members and by way of support for other charitable endeavours, mainly within the light entertainment context. 

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