The Regional Network of The Entertainment Agents' Association

The Association has a regional structure covering the whole of the UK mainland and this ensures that Members have easy access to regular meeting with their peers.

Items of more regional interest can be discussed in detail and the most up to date information of every kind can be disseminated to Members most effectively.

Each region has a Chairman and a Secretary and those officials, along with regionally based Council Members, will often attend local meetings with, for instance, Performers Unions and Concert Secretary Associations to ensure that problems arising at local level can be the more easily resolved or obviated altogether.

Many of the regions also present annual shows or social functions where Members can meet together in relaxed and enjoyable surroundings.

The Regional Network Structure is currently made up of:

  • The Scottish Region: covering the whole of Scotland.
  • The North East Region: covering Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham and Teeside.
  • The North West Region: covering the area from Cumbria down to North Staffordshire and including North Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • The Yorkshire Region: covering Yorkshire, North & Mid Lincolnshire, North Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire.
  • The Midlands Region: covering the whole central belt of the country from East Coast to Welsh Borders.
  • The South West Region: covering South Wales and all south-western counties.
  • The Southern Region: covering all south eastern counties other than those covered by the London Region.
  • The London Region: covering Greater London, the Home Counties and Essex. 

Whilst the areas covered by each region might appear somewhat arbitrary, all Association Members are, nevertheless, welcome to attend any regional meeting. Any Member may elect to be considered a member of a region other than their 'home region' if that is felt by the Member to be more appropriate to their business activities.

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