Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct for an Affiliate with regards to joining the Entertainment Agents' Association Ltd and when dealing with Members of the Association

The Entertainment Agents' Association Ltd shall be referred to as "the Association" throughout.
References to Artist - where singular also includes plural
Member - refers to all Agent/Agency Members of the Association
Affiliate - refers to all non-Agent/Agency Members of the Association

  1. An Affiliate of The Entertainment Agents' Association Ltd is subject to acceptance of the contents of this document.
  2. Affiliate applications must be approved by the Association.
  3. An Affiliate confirms they are conversant with and abide by any Government regulations governing their specific industry and likewise abide by any regulations that may be specific to any relevant Trade Association to which they may belong.
  4. Annual subscriptions to the Association run from the date the application is accepted. Affiliate status is only for those who have paid their subscriptions and are in full benefit. If the subscription is not renewed any reference to the Association must be removed from all documentation and advertising including but not limited to all electronic media. Whilst in full benefit, the Association will acknowledge the Affiliate as such in all appropriate media including the Association's website.
  5. Should the Association feel that any display matter provided by the Affiliate for the Association website is inappropriate, the Association reserves the right to remove it and will refer the matter back to the Affiliate.
  6. Matters arising when an Affiliate is hiring the services of an Artist via a Member.
    1. No Affiliate may claim or advertise or have the authority to offer the services of, or in any way represent a Member's Artist except with the written consent of that Member.
    2. Enquiries by an Affiliate for an Artist they know to be represented by a Member, or have previously been introduced via and/or booked by a Member, must be made only through the Member and not direct with the Artist.
    3. Monies due to Member's Artists should be paid directly to the Artist or the Member as stated in the contract by the contractually agreed payment date, and in any event not later than 21 days after the performance, unless specified by prior written agreement.
    4. When booking an Artist via a Member the Affiliate will be the Hirer of the Artist, which must be clearly stated in the contract. If the Affiliate is hiring for a third party and the third party cancel or renege on its agreement, the Affiliate Member's contractual responsibility to the Member and/or the Artist is legal and binding. Any cancellation terms must be mutually agreed at the time of contract.
  7. An Affiliate must not make any statement concerning the policy of the Association to any person in the press or via social media and should refer any such enquiries to the Association Head Office.
  8. An Affiliate who believes that another Affiliate or Member is in breach of the Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct may complain to either their local Association Regional Network official, or to the Association Head Office from where it will be referred to the Council of the Association. Complaints must be made in writing and should be accompanied by any available documentary evidence.
  9. In the event of a dispute involving an Affiliate and a Member, The Entertainment Agents' Association Ltd will offer to act as a mediator.
  10. Affiliates agree to treat the affairs of the Association as Private and Confidential.
  11. The Entertainment Agents' Association Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to collect, retain & securely store personal information on its Affiliates in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. Our registration Number is Z8289426 and our Data Protection Officer is Neil Tomlinson.

Terms of Payment

Payment must be received at the same time as the completed application. However, payment will not be taken until the application is approved by the Association Council.

The status of Affiliate will start from the date that the application is accepted and run for one year from that date. All subscriptions are non-refundable.

Affiliate status will automatically be renewed after 12 months unless the Association receives notice in writing not later than 14 days before the end of the 12 month term.

The Entertainment Agents' Association Ltd is not responsible for any misrepresentation whatsoever by its Affiliates.