T&S Immigration Services Ltd.


The UK's leading work permission specialists for non-EU bands, actors, film crews, stage shows etc. We have been trading as a husband-and-wife team for 25 years (formed 1991).

We work regularly with Universal Music, Live Nation, William Morris, United Talent, Sony Music, AEG, Solo, K2, ATC Live, Primary Talent, Warner Music and so on.

As well as advising and helping administer work permissions (CoS) for around 100 UK companies, we also hold our own Tier 5 sponsor licence. This allows us to act as sponsor if an act does not have UK representation, or for films, where the production company is set up and goes straight into production without any time to get its own sponsor licence. As a sponsor we've facilitated UK shows and film shoots by Grammy winners, Oscar winners etc.

We administer thousands of Tier 5 CoS each year. We also provide a service where we advise booking agents, promoters, labels etc. on the sponsorship duties and what they need to do to comply with UKVI rules.

We're registered with the UKVI (UK government's Visas and Immigration department) and with the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner - a regulatory body that ensures good practice in immigration advice). OISC Reg F200100217.

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